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Here is what happens next in the claims process

  1. Complete online form
  2. FSMP office will call you to confirm details
  3. First consultation (one on one) where the client brings all documents and information regarding the accident
  4. Client sign FSMP documents (power of attorney and fee agreement – important note: FSMP works on a contingency basis)
  5. Process of gathering information by FSMP attorney: Docket and Accident report; Hospital records; Witness statements and Employment documents
  6. Attorney to lodge the claim with RAF or relevant sector
  7. RAF has 120 days to investigate the matter
  8. Summons served via Sheriff
  9. Attorney and the RAF draft and serve various legal documents via Court to support their case
  10. Trail
  11. Settlement

Please note, the average claim takes 5-7 years to finalize.


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